Don’t Insult the Browncoats

Firefly was first

Don’t get me wrong. I have been SUPER excited about seeing Cowboys & Aliens the moment the filming was announced. I have had Daniel Craig’s butt as my wall paper since it was first available.

But as I’m sitting here watching this promo of the movie, as a fan of Joss Whedon’s Firefly series, I’m insulted and outraged by all of these people cooing about how a mash up of sci-fi and Western has NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE.

Bitch, please.

Firefly was first

I understand you need to sell your movie but why do you have to go and insult the intelligence of your core audience: the fanboys and fangirls?

Just because Firefly didn’t go “mainstream”, it doesn’t mean y’all can come through and claim that you’re the first who’s mashed up the genre.

I’m not saying that Firefly is first to mash up. Wikipedia documents quite a bit of history of “Space Western”. I’m just pointing out that Firefly definitely mash it up before Cowboys & Aliens.

I admire your work, Favreau, but you ain’t first.

So, be excited, fellow geeks and nerds, that Cowboys & Aliens are coming to theaters. And go out to see it as I definitely will.

But be prepared to defend the honor of Firefly universe (or even Cowboy Bebop if that’s your thing).

This is a my call to arms to all Browncoats (and even Alliance) to unite and defend our place in the geekdom.

We were first. Don’t let them tell you otherwise.

Okay, fine. If you Cowboys & Aliens camp wants to say that you mean you’re first to put aliens in the Western and THAT hasn’t been done before, maybe you could claim that. I would fact check on that though.

But please, I beg of you, to stop it with being the first mash up of western and sci-fi, okay? Not only you are embarrassing yourselves among your fanboys and fangirls, you’re beginning to damage our calm.

Speaking of having my calm damaged, someone said this to me about Cowboys & Aliens.

“This is such a ridiculous concept for a movie,” she said.

“EVERYBODY knows there were no aliens back in those days. There wasn’t even electricity!”

I’m serious.

P.S. According to sources, that Chinese phrase in the image is “Chur ni-duh”, uttered by Wash in “Out of Gas”, which is slang for screw you, get lost, or go to hell.


  1. NazKey   •  

    *high fives* Leaf on the wind bb. Leaf on the wind.

  2. Annette   •  

    I really need a Zoe outfit…

  3. Mickey   •  

    While I agree with your “Shiny” rant – if they had said first “Western with Aliens” I would have to agree as Firefly had no aliens 🙂

  4. oakmonster   •  

    Ahha! Good point! Alright, we’ll give you that. 🙂

  5. Firegnat   •  

    You must have the mind and attitude of a heartless political spin-doctor like Malcolm Tucker in the movie ‘In The Loop’, or Alister Campbell the real life British politician who inspired the creation of Tucker to work in Universal’s P.R. department.

    I could never have the nerve to tell writers/producers to claim their movie is the first to mix science-fiction and western genres, knowing that I was responsible in promoting Serenity five years before.

  6. oakmonster   •  

    Firegnat: Word! I think the PR folks didn’t quite coach their celebrities right on that one.

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