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OakMonster Hangout

OakMonster Hangout

I might have just done one of the geekiest things so far.

A few Saturdays ago, I joined a tweet up tequila brunch via Google+ Hangout.

Flash back about a year or so ago when Annette/@dananner, being the instigator of all things social media, introduced me to a very small group of tweeps who get up with the birds to go to work. Our little group  greet each other daily at the crack of dawn.  And once in a while we’d joke about having tequila for breakfast.

So I said, how about we all meet up for a tequila brunch? We thought it was a brilliant idea, and I managed to find a restaurant who actually has tequila brunch and is located centrally as we would be hauling in from all different directions and distances.

We finally picked a date that most people were free and Malo in Silver Lake as a central location. And the plan was set. But then, the day of the brunch was during the time when SoCal decided to be Seattle for the week. I drove through the storm up to town from Orange County. An hour later, Annette and Hank came in from Lancaster.

That was it for the grand plan of the Great Tequila Brunch Tweet Up.

It’s been about a year since then. And the weather looked like it was going to hold the summer pattern all the way through Halloween at this rate.  I decided to try putting the brunch together again. This time in Downtown LA at Mas Malo, the second location of the same restaurant.

Alas, I missed my own party.

The crab I ate the night before decided to fight back. I couldn’t leave the house.

But being a nerdy little group that we are, we already had plan to have other non-LA-based folks join us over Google+ Hangout.

Annette came to the party armed with her laptop as she withstood some weird looks from the waitstaff when she asked for a table with an outlet because “my friends are joining our brunch online.”

I dragged myself to the home office and popped in to say hi to my online friends (@hankito@phatemokid, @scbound and @LoveMeDeux ‘s daughter @TheMads), and watch everyone eat for a few minutes before I retreated back to the couch.

Yes, I got to see all of them. Yes I got to see what they were eating. And yes, it was an absolutely nerdy good time.

Sure, I’ve done video chat before, but I haven’t done much of it until Hangout came around, making things easy for everyone.  However, I never did a video chat as a social event.

This little geeky experiment is now giving me an idea to “have a meal” with my friends somewhere else around the world.  You know, we schedule a time (according to the internet, 9 a.m. PST seems to be the golden hour of social media) and bring our meal to our computers.  Heck, we can even cook the same thing and share our experience!

But of course, said friends will have to get themselves a Google+ account.

Would you be interested in doing a virtual Sunday brunch with me sometime?

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  1. Annette @daNanner   •  

    We should have shared more of our drinks with you! It was a good time though.

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