Thailand Flood Relief: Donate to Thai Red Cross Society

Want to help Thai people who suffered the worst flood our country ever had in recent history?

Please donate to the Thai Red Cross Society. Your money will be well spent and will get to the flood victims most effectively.

You can wire the money directly with the instructions provided when you click on the main, green banner. Or choose another donation method by selecting “Donation Online” banner on the left and choose “”Relief for Disaster Victims and Disadvantaged in Rural Areas”.

I’m making this suggestion here and for everyone to spread the words around.  I don’t know what Thai government has set up but I want you to consider NOT donating to them.

Then again, a lot of you already know about how donating to a government sometimes the money never reaches the intended target.  In this case, sure, some of it probably will get to the people. However, there are evidence that the help being sent out the people have political agenda attached.

All I want to really say is that if you want you money to really help Thai victims of the flood, free and clear of any messages other than “THIS IS TO HELP YOU”, please donate through the Red Cross Society.

I would consider raising funds during NaNoWriMo this year toward the flood victims instead of for my mom’s scholarship fund. I think she would really like it better that way.

Getty Image from this WSJ blog entry.


If you’ve been following world’s news a bit, you would have heard of the political turmoils and struggles Thailand has had for the past 5-6 years.  The Red Shirts. The Yellow Shirts. This guy. And that gal. And what not. Even in our desperate hours, some people still can’t get their heads out of their asses to help their fellow citizens out of the goodness of their hearts.

The aid supplies distributed by “the government”–and some are now donated by other countries–are politically motivated. Some of the supplies for folks suffering are slapped with propaganda. But then turn around the other way and you have folks bitching about it while they’re staying safe and dry with their hoarded loot of bottled water and instant noodles.

For crying out loud, the country is going under and we’re still bickering!? If there was ever a sign from above for the country to shut the fuck up and unite, this would be it, folks.

Read the sign. Set aside the differences. Make the King, our “Father”, proud.  HELP EACH OTHER.



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