Five For Friday: So long peanut butter pie, hello dance walking

Hooters Peanut Butter Pie is no more

Five for Friday is a weekly series about the five new things I learned each week. It could be anything from a new recipe, new skills, or a new life lesson.

Welcome to the Five For Friday: Saturday edition! Because I’m a dork and I sent the publishing time wrong. LOL  I also learned something else new when I went out for a walk this morning. So…here you go!

I Gained 10 lbs. For Nothing

Well, I’m sure you’ve already read about my disappointment of not being able to donate blood despite finally having met the weight requirement. Le sigh…

Hooters No Longer Serves Peanut Butter Pie

Yes, I like Hooters. The wings are good. The beers are cold. The girls are friendly. And I kick ass on video trivia most of the time. But what I like best about Hooters is the chocolate peanut butter pie.  I haven’t been there a while, so I didn’t know that the menu has changed.  First, I couldn’t find the 1/2 lbs. of shrimps I usually get. And then, I looked at dessert.

Peanut butter pie is gone.  Instead of the luxurious, creamy, chocolaty deliciousness, you can get a caramel cheesecake.

What the fuck is THAT shenanigan?!  Well, I guess now I have to make my own pie now…

Hooters Peanut Butter Pie is no more

Goodbye lover. (Photo credit: Yelp)

Pinterest Lab Success: Linoleum Cleaner

My hands HATE strong chemicals. That is why I have switched to using Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day dish soap a few years ago. I still do have a bottle of Dawn under the sink when attacking baked on aftermaths.  And it is also why I’ve been experimenting with homemade, less toxic cleaning products.

The Dawn (apple), baking soda, and vinegar (I bought a big bottle of cleaning grade kind) combination worked well for me. I only did half the recipe because we only have 3 small areas to mop.  The floor looks great and it smells pretty good.  You can get the full recipe through my Pinterest Lab board.

Core a Lettuce in 3 Seconds

Mind. Blown.

Sprinting and Dance Walking

Well, this is not really something new I learned, but it is confirmed.  Sure, I haven’t the drive or motivation to run a 5K. The total walk to the park, do a couple of laps, then walk back home takes total of 30 minutes right now. But at least I’m moving.

I went for the walk/run combo again today. While I have succeeded in slowing myself down so I managed to jog longer distance per interval today, I still find jogging boring.  I decided to sprint the width of the park, back to where I left my water bottle, to end the work out. That there, was probably the most fun 15 seconds I had the entire session.

That and climbing through the kid’s jungle gym was fun. I totally can NOT swing on monkey bars any more. But running around in the playground was totally fun.

Now, I am thinking about forming a new fitness routine, combining sprinting, climbing through kid’s playground, and, naturally, dance walking.

How has your week been?

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