Five For Friday: Aquarium, Terrarium, and Bacon - Franklin's new succulent terrarium

Five for Friday is a weekly series about the five new things I learned each week. It could be anything from a new recipe, new skills, or a new life lesson.

Aquarium of the Pacific’s Discounted Late Nights

I love the Aquarium of the Pacific more now that I have experienced it in the night time with barely another soul in sight. The Aquarium offers discounted late hours admission in the summer from late July through Labor Day. For $14.95, you can roam the place from 5-9 p.m.

Through a looking glass. @aquariumpacific

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I set up a LBC Tweet Up event just for this on Tuesday. 4 others showed up for happy hour at Mai Tai Bar across the way, but only my friend Seth and I were left to explore the Aquarium at 8 p.m.  We almost never run into another group of people except for at the shark lagoon.  We got to have actual conversations with the volunteers and staff.  I can put my face right on the glass to say hello to the otters and penguins without having to fight with anyone.  Even the stingrays popped up to say hello because we were the only ones around to touch them!

Best part? Not a kid in sight. 😉

I’ve been to the first Night Dive before. That was a great night event as well, 18 and over only with art exhibits, live band out at the shark lagoon, DJ spinning in front of the giant tank, and a few bars scattered around.  Still, there was quite a lot of people around.

But this was different. This was midweek at 8 p.m., quiet as a grave. Just you and the sea creatures. It was magical.

Dreams Do Come True…If You Work Hard

All of us have been saying that my friend Tara should open a brick-and-mortar store for her online-only candied bacon confections business, the Sticky Pig.

Yes. Candied. Bacon. Confections. Now, wipe off your drool and continue reading. Your day is about to get better…if you live in Southern California.

The Bacon Vixen announced today that the Sticky Pig now has a retail shop. She said more details coming soon.

Tara, you are my idol.  You have been working her little toned butt off, developing new products, and wheeling and dealing.  Your dream store is now a reality. Way to rock it!

Pinterest Lab Success: Rolo Snickerdoodles

USC football starts tomorrow! This is also the time I scour the web for easy-to-make and easy-to-transport recipes to take to the tailgates. So, I played with this recipe for Rolo Snickerdoodles. (Isn’t that an awesome name for a garage band or dodgeball team?)

And wow. WOW.  I mean, it’s no Tara’s PB&J bacon cookies, but it’s pretty damn tasty for a recipe plucked from Pinterest!

How to Make a Succulent Terrarium

I pinned this terrarium project on Pinterest a while ago.  Essentially, you create a garden in a glass container.  Most terrariums I’ve seen are almost enclosed or some kind of fancy goblets and apothecary jars.  I decided that mine would be in a big glass dish because of the space I have. And it was on sale at Michael’s for all of $5. So I don’t know if my bowl of plants would still be considered a terrarium. An open-faced terrarium, maybe?

Anyway, I read up some more on the tips and tricks of keeping this thing alive. It turns out that the care of terrarium is different for succulents and cacti.  People just saw pretty pictures and didn’t think too much of the actual nature of the plants. Most would kill their terrariums in a few months.  But with the right amount of water, this little garden could last.

And now Franklin the Plant Gnome finally has a new garden to watch over.

Terrarium Experiment

Bottom layer of river rocks for drainage. A thin layer of charcoal to keep the soil and any leftover water clean. Then the cactus soil deep enough for the plants to get in.  Then top off with some pretty little pebbles.

I spritz water on this little garden instead of actually watering it.  I’m hoping that spraying keep the soil moist but not soaked, and therefore giving enough water for these guys without drowning them.  In a couple of months, we’ll see if this will get added to Pinterest Lab Success board.  Meanwhile, please feel free to post tips and suggestions. 🙂

Haka for Fallen Comrades

I learn that New Zealand soldiers pay their respect to their fallen brothers by performing the Haka…

…and that if an army of shirtless warriors coming at me like this, I’m fucking running away, man.

Alright. I’m done sharing. Your turn.

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