Five for Friday: Retro Hair, Les Miz Surprise, and Hulk Bunny Thump! - Hulk Bunny and Grant Imahara

Five for Friday is a weekly series about the five new things I learned each week. It could be anything from a new recipe, new skills, or a new life lesson.

Stan Lee’s Comikaze is actually quite mellow…for now

The Hulk Bunny had a great time last Sunday. I ran into a little girl Hulk, and that was awesome.  Lou Ferrigno was there at his own booth and people all rushed up to see him and get a picture. He grinned and pointed at a sign that says it’s $40 to have a photo taken with him.  I understand that the actor needs to make his money, but $40?! I should’ve taken a photo of the half circle that was formed around his table.  People were just standing around, looking at him like some caged animal, waiting to see who would actually pay $40 for a photo.  I mean, at that price, unless you’re a huge fan, nobody is going to approach the guy.  It was quite a spectacle.

On the other hand, Hannah Minx charges $10 for autograph and $5 for a photo. I’ve got both for Brandon!  And from a few booths away, I found the artist who drew Brandon’s favorite version of Harley Quinn. Jamie Tyndall signed the print that will now be hanging at this desk.

Booyah! Wife of the year award, right here. - Hulk Bunny and Hannah Minx

Hannah Minx and Hulk Bunny: the odd couple

The highlight of the Expo is finding Mythbusters’ Grant Imahara quite by accident. I was actually squeeing at the life-size R/C Wall-E when I looked up to find Grant at the control!  I abandoned my idea of getting a picture with Wall-E and B-lined to Grant instead. Hee. - Hulk Bunny and Grant Imahara

Hulk Bunny <3 Grant!

It was the Best Sunday so far this year! 🙂  You can see the entire gallery of photos on my Facebook page or my Flickr set.

Doing origami wearing a zentai suit is hard

While at the Comikaze, I bought a Star Wars Origami book and the author offered to teach us how to make Yoda right there at the table. As you can see in this picture Annette took of me, it really is difficult to do origami wearing gloves. As a lifelong student of origami, I felt so lame asking the author to help me do some of the smaller folds because I couldn’t feel the paper. - - Hulk Bunny vs. Star Wars Origami

Victory rolls

I’m working on some ideas for my Halloween costumes. For one of them, I thought the 1940s pin-up girl hair would be perfect. I found out that what I want to do is called Victory Rolls.

Victory Rolls -

So, I’ve been going through YouTube videos in search of the best way to do up my hair without using a curling iron–since I don’t own one…or know how to use it.

And wow, rolling your own hair and pinning it up requires a lot more strength than I ever thought!  Seriously. Try holding your arms up above your head with your elbow bent for a few minutes. It gets really tiring!

I have about a month to learn how to do this right or I have to scrap this costume idea and going with something else. So we shall see…

One can never get used to rejections

After almost two years of not having a permanent, full-time job, you’d think I’d be used to rejections by now.  Within one week, I was turned down for a permanent position, a freelance full-time position, and a small contract.

Oh, and USC also lost to Stanford because Barkley decided to grow a mustache. (The USC QB Mustache Curse. It’s real.)

I have written about how to battle those days when you feel like you suck at everything before, but when it was a combo punch like this, it was a little hard to choke down.

Oddly enough, even though I’ve only been running for 3 weeks, I suddenly understand why some people go out on a run when they’re upset.

I guess I need to grow a thicker skin and/or build better endurance.

Les Miserables is way more awesome than I thought

My favorite musical and highly anticipated movie has just gotten more awesome after I saw this clip.

What’s your weekend plan?

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