Nerdvember Day 15: Star Wars

Inspiration: It’s half way point through Nerdvember. And a Saturday. I wasn’t wearing anything nerdy all day until we had to go to our friend’s birthday gathering. So, voila.

Components: Star Wars “Save the Tree” hoodie and, of course, my Star Wars Vans.

#Nerdvember Day 15: #StarWars marks the half way point. #settostunning

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Comment from Muggles: I met a fellow USC alum at the shindig. He complimented the shoes. I told him that I wear these to the games because of George Lucas. He kind of just nodded. How are you a TROJAN and NOT KNOW that George Lucas is a USC alum?!!?!? Worse, how do you NOT KNOW that George Lucas created Star Wars!?!? *sigh*

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