Five for Friday: Halloween 2012 - Hockey Lock Out, Slave Leia, Captain Kirk

Since Halloween is my most favoritest holiday, it is appropriate to do a Five For Friday for it, don’t you think?  After all, there is ALWAYS something new to learn.

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Double Check With Your Friends About Halloween Party

When Halloween falls on a weekday, make sure to check with your friend who said he’s having a Halloween party exactly WHEN that is.

For example, the invitation to a party on Friday before Halloween was clearly stated that was indeed on Friday, and Friday we were there.

Saturday night, I came home from watching USC football with USC Alumni Club of Long Beach, which was also a costume party, to zero plan for the evening.  I took the advantage of my hair already having gel in it to do a dress rehearsal for the Wolverine hair for a party we were going to on Halloween night.  Or so we thought.

A take-out dinner and a few TV shows later, my phone started buzzing. - Party. Now.

When the Friend said “Halloween Party” with no specific date included, we assumed it was on Halloween night.  On the flip side, he assumed that we’d know the party would be on Saturday because, you know, it was when pretty much everyone else was having a party and not in the middle of the week.


And so we scrambled out to his party anyway since my hair was already done, just to get there 15 minutes after the DJ and just about everybody had left.  Oh well. We had a good visit with the Friend anyway.

Never Work for a Company that Bans Halloween

A friend talked about not being able to dress up for Halloween at her work because the company deems dressing up and overall festivity unproductive. Another friend in another state said they banned Halloween in their office because it makes some people *cough*cough*fundamentalist Christians*cough*cough* uncomfortable.

I don’t think I can work for a company that does not celebrate Halloween.  Yes, future employers. I am telling you now. And here’s why.

I am not interested in being just a worker bee who only comes to work and then goes home.  I want to be a part of your company, a part of the family.  I want to be passionate the work I do and the company I do it for.  To be able to do that, we have to be the right for each other.

My skills come with this personality–it is not sold separately. I celebrate Halloween and embrace all the creative energy that comes with the holiday. If you don’t do Halloween, we are not going to work out.

So when I went to an interview on Halloween, I wore my cat ears.

The receptionist was a clown, so that was a good start. 🙂

The Magical Property of Wire Coat Hangers

This Halloween would not have been possible without the coat hangers from my dry cleaner. You see, I was saving them to take back to the cleaner to get recycled.

When I settled on being Fluttershy for the Friday party, I used one to support my wings. - Fluttershy's wings - Fluttershy and Wolverine

And then we decided last minute to join Olaina, Justin, and Ella for trick-or-treating. The family was going as Tigger, Eeyore, and Pooh, respectively. To go along with the 100 Acre Woods theme, I threw a pair of bunny ears on Brandon for Rabbit and clipped on my fox ears for Roo. I was just missing a tail.

It’s amazing how 2 hand towels, a few safety pins, and a coat hanger can make for a damn good kangaroo tail. - Tigger, Pooh, and Roo

Secret Ingredients of Paul’s Bloody Mary

Our friend Paul makes the best Bloody Mary I ever had. Of course, he is willing to share his secret ingredients, but not the proportion.

Not so typical ingredients in this Bloody Mary: Bold & Spicy mix, Clamato, Angostura bitter, and a non-commercial smokey hot sauce. Then there’s horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, and celery salt in there somewhere too.

So. Much. Yum.

Oh, and good luck trying to duplicate Paul’s recipe. 😉 - Eeyore and a Bloody Mary

Slave Leia Is Not Recognizable Outside of Nerd Bubble

“Are you Princess Jasmine?”

“You can’t be a belly dancer. You don’t have a belly!”

“Princess Leia wore THAT in Star Wars?”


Just…move along, muggles. - Hockey Lock Out, Slave Leia, Captain Kirk

Hockey Lock Out. Slave Leia. Captain Kirk.  Photo credit: Hockey Lock Out

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