Day 15: Ready for My Close Up Rambutans

5 Thoughts

  • Tomorrow is a less busy day. Tomorrow you’re working from home. Tomorrow is Friday. You can survive this. You can survive this.
  • I sat at the computer for only about 3 hours total and spent the rest of the time in the test kitchen. Surprised I actually ate all seven meals!
  • I should probably log all of these running up and down the stairs as calorie deficit. LOTS of running up and downstairs today.
  • Roasted fennel smells like roasted chicken. It’s really weird. I’ve always cooked fennel with something else so I never notice that before!
  • After a couple of crazy work days and a horrible sleep week (between the bedroom A/C and Brandon’s tossing and turning to get around the pinched nerve in his shoulder, I really haven’t gotten much sleep.), the husband took me to get sushi and sake. I love him.

Today’s Photo

I was in the test kitchen all day working on our YouTube videos. But I don’t mind. I was surrounded by beautiful fruits and vegetables like these lovely Rambutans.


McDonald’s Sausage Egg McMuffin and a medium caramel iced coffee.

That coffee lasted me ALL day!

Second Breakfast

2 thin slices of black forest ham.


Oh the usual. (Stone ground wheat crackers and Laughing Cow cheese.)


St. Dalfour Tuna and Pasta Salad.

With a good pinch of bacon salt, this canned lunch is actually pretty tasty.

Afternoon Tea

Snacking on props during our video shoot like melon and Prosciutto, fruit salad, and random cookie from another meeting.


More nibbles on the set but now more like pieces of roast meat and fennel, goat cheese, and more fruit.


Brandon took me to our neighborhood sushi place, Kampai Sushi House. Blue crab handroll and Mackerel (Saba) sushi with half a little bottle of sake.

Since B wasn’t drinking, I shared the rest of the bottle with the chefs. They were very grateful. 🙂


For those who just now joined in, here’s why I’m going on “The Hobbit Diet” of eating seven times a day for a month.

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