Nerdvember Day 7-8: Double Feature

Nerdvember Day 7: Firefly

#Nerdvember Day 7: Screw it. I’m wearing a t-shirt. It’s Friday! #Browncoats. #settostunning #firefly

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Components: California Browncoats t-shirt. Red long sleeve t-shirt for Captain Mal’s signature red shirt.

Challenges: It’s Friday. I’m lazy. But then, I went to work in that shirt for a few hours before I started feeling horrible and came home with a cold.

Nerdvember Day 8: Big Bang Theory’s Soft Kitty

#Nerdvember Day 8: I’m sick. Sing Soft Kitty to me. #settostunning #notsostunning #softkitty #bigbangtheory

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Components: Soft Kitty sleep shirt. And Soft Kitty.

Challenges: I have a cold so I’ve slept most of Saturday. Hey, at least I have something nerdy to sleep in!

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