Nerdvember Day 13: Harley Quinn

Inspiration: Two things. First, Harley Quinn’s casting news. I think Margot Robbie is PERFECT. Secondly, I’m half way through the New 52’s comic book series. And I friggin’ LOVE HER!

Components: Harley Quinn “dress”. (Well, it’s a sleep tank on most people but it’s a dress on ME!) Diamond pattern tights. Denim jacket. Red Scarf.

#Nerdvember Day 13: Celebrating Harley Quinn’s casting news. #settostunning #harleyquinn

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Challenges: I tried on both black leather jacket and black sweater. While I would probably be the only one in the office who thinks, “Wow. This is still a little too costume-y,” I couldn’t go through with that. So I tamed it down with the denim.  The idea to wear red-and-black striped arm warmer underneath the denim to add warmth was also abandoned.  And then I suddenly realized I have a couple of pairs of black fingerless gloves–I need some red ones.

Comment from Muggles: My CEO Karen, who is a friend on Facebook and has been following my Nerdvember effort, said that I didn’t look all that nerdy. Level up!

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