Nerdvember Day 16: Birthday Soft Kitty

Inspiration: It was my birthday so I lounged around the house all day. Until I had to get dressed to get my seafood on for dinner. Soft Kitty seemed an appropriate choice.

Component: Soft Kitty t-shirt. Gray knit sweater.

And yes, I do own quite a bit of Soft Kitty items. I’m just a wee bit obsessed.

Challenges: Leaving the house. LOL I was enjoying having ZERO plan on my birthday and getting lost in my FEMA disaster zone of an office/cosplay closet that I didn’t even want to go out to dinner originally. But it’s not often that my shellfish-allergic husband would offer to take me to the Fish Camp where I gorged on New Zealand oysters and Mexican shrimps and washed it all down with California wine.

No comments from Muggles because I barely had any interaction with them all day.

Oh, and speaking of Soft Kitties…

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