Nerdvember Day 20-21

Day 20: Pikachu

Inspiration: My coworker Alex has challenged me to do a Nerdvember of Pikachu or Sailor Moon. I have nothing to do Sailor Moon.

Components: Black tank. Khaki. Yellow cardigan from Mod Cloth. Red Scarf from Victoria’s Secrets. A pair of faux victory rolls (for the ears).

#Nerdvember Day 20: @ajaaacks requested #Pikachu. I obliged. #settostunning #pokemon

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Challenges: Finding the right pants. Jeans did not work well with the top. But somehow Khakis pulled it all together. Phew!

Comment from Muggles: Alex approved!

Day 21: Fight On Avengers!

Inspiration: It’s the day before the big USC-fucla cross town rivalry football game. Fortunately for me, I can support the Trojans while Nerdvember’ing with this awesome t-shirt have recently purchased. (From the boys’ section, naturally. You can only get Marvel and Star Wars USC shirts in mens’ or boys’ section because clearly girls can only wear stuff with Hello Kitty or Snoopy on it, or a USC song girl outfit.)

Components: Marvel-USC t-shirt. White thermal shirt. Ripped jeans for the Hulk.

#Nerdvember Day 21: @uscedu + @marvel. Hell yeah! #settostunning #FightOn #BeatthebRuins #fucla #Avengers

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Challenges: Being civil to all the bRUINS fans in the office. Including the founder Frieda herself!

Comments from Muggles: Fight on!

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