Nerdvember Day 22: Party Avengers

Inspiration:  I originally planned to wear my Gold Bubble Sherlock’s wallpaper dress to my friend’s party tonight. But due to my USC superstition of not wearing bra during USC/fucla game, I had to change the idea around. A bra-less flat chest in a tight polyester dress is bad news for everyone.

Components: Her Universe Men of Marvel dress which I bought from Hot Topic. S.H.I.E.L.D earrings from Optimystical Studios. Yellow cardigan from Mod Cloth. Boots.

#Nerdvember Day 22: #Avengers for a dinner party. #settostunning

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Challenges: Remembering that I was not wearing a bra. This dress is too damn comfy!

Comments from Muggles: One guest said “Oh my gosh, I didn’t even see the pattern on your dress!” which got me all excited. But when I showed her my earrings and she just kind of nodded, I knew she was a Muggle, marveling (pun intended) at a comic book printed dress.

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