Nerdvember Day 25: Iron Man

Inspiration: My hair. I didn’t want to wash it so I started going through the closet for an outfit that I would work with a fauxhawk pony tail.

Components: Biker-ish boots. “Powered by Stark” from ThinkGeek. Iron Man fingerless gloves I bought from Geeky Mamas when it was still in Cerritos. However, I think they got it from Nerdifacts. And of course, the fauxhawk pony tail, a tribute to Tony’s awesome hair.

#Nerdvember Day 25: Iron Man. #settostunning Gloves from @geekymamas_official #marvel #ironman #starkindustries

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Challenges: I went through THREE outfits (Finding Nemo, Twisty the Clown, and even Jareth the Goblin King) before I landed on this one.

Comments from Muggles: Got quite a bit of “Hey, Stark Industries!” but not quite, “Hey, Iron Man.” Good enough for me!

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