T-6 days till I’m in Bangkok!!

Of course, I’m excited. But at the same time I’m kind of worried. Silly things to be worried about really. This will be the longest stretch of time for Brandon and I to be away from each other.

Brandon will do fine on his own. Well, may be because he is still getting over the respatory flu thing he’s got going on. I know his friends will take a good care of him. And I can always email him, text him, and possibly catch him on IM.

But there’s this silly nagging feeling in the back of my head that this is the calm before a storm. May be it’s a Pavlov thing with us. Every time when things are looking up, we have a set back. For the past 3-4 months, we are doing really well. No set back. No drama. Then again, perhaps this is NORMAL married life of a young couple but we just don’t know better. I’m going back to Thailand to visit my family. This is BIG. I hope it’s not the last big bang of happy before some type of fit hit the shan again.

That’s probably why I’ve been in such a funk today.

Anyhoo. Back to the trip planning blog.

I’m pretty stoked about going home The itinerary right now looks pretty light.

I leave on Sunday 21st and arrive in Bangkok Monday 22nd at midnight.

Tuesday I rest a bit and we’ll go get new prescription for my glasses. Wednesday I have a dentist appointment. (Yes. Dentistry and prescription glasses: a hell of a lot cheaper than the US with the same, if not, better quality!) Thursday, nothing yet. Some time in those days I will also get a manicure, pedicure, and Thai massage at my house. Ahhhhh the high life!

Oh. Most Thai people don’t do Christmas. It’s strictly a commercial thing: Santa at the mall, windows are all dressed up for Christmas, etc. New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are our big thing. Then again, the whole city is already lit up with lights lingering from the King’s Birthday on December 5.

Friday and Saturday are designated for my crew, the Shamelessly Wild Female Society…and other friends. I’m out shopping with Joy and Lily during the day. Tong may come along if she could ditch work. (Rrrriiiiight!) Friday night, dinner with my friends from Mater Dei school, and probably girls’ night out after that. Saturday morning, hang out with SWFS some more. And that’s all for planning thus far.

My mom is saying that there are 2 tentative out-of-town plans. One is to drive to Pattaya, a beach town close to Bangkok, to stay at our condo for a couple of days. Two is to go up north to Chiang Mai to stay at one of the auntie’s house in the mountains with Dad in tow! We’ll see how that pans out.

The rest of the aunties want to do dinner again. (Oh, I have PLENTY of aunties!) And this time, I’d better be able to eat something. (Last time I went home I had food poisoning just days before the feast…and I had to watch everyone eat!) Oh I LOVE my aunties. If you’ve seen “The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood”, those ladies are like my mom and her friends…except for the drinking and the psycho-mom parts.

So after the 27th, it’s free for all. I have no plan until 5 a.m. January 2nd…or 2 p.m. January 1st PST. That’s right. The Rose Bowl! My dad is trying to find out for me if I’d be able to catch the game somewhere. He says we do have 4 ESPN channels via satellite and he’s seen NFL games before…but not a college game. Worse comes to worst, I can catch the up to the minute report on one of those ESPN channels…if not CNN Headline news.

More shopping to get done before I go home. Damn. I don’t want to hit the mall…or Best Buy this time of year, but I have to.

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