Halloween, Here We Come

2000: Brandon = Wizard. Oakley = Wood Elf (sans pointy ears, problem with “prosthetics”)
2001: Brandon = Vampire (sans fangs, problem with “prosthetics” here too). Oakley = Victim.
2002: Brandon = Priest. Oakley = Devil
2003: Brandon = Buddy Christ. Oakley = Devil School Girl

*Drum rolls*

2004: Brandon = Final Fantasy X’s Auron.

Oakley = Final Fantasy X-2’s Rikku.

Yeah, and Amy was thinking she’d freeze being Wonder Woman. NOT – EVEN, sister! 😀

Neither one of these will be 100% accurate. After all, this ain’t cosplay. Auron’s costume is a red kimono which I *ahem* made from scratch once again. Thank my parents-in-law for the sewing machine! The “bottle” he’ll sporting is a Mississippi Mudd bottle on a leather string. The sword is a $1.99 Samurai sword I bought from RiteAid. We’re forgoing the collar thingy, and the shoulder armor will be made out of felt. Brandon will be wearing a T-shirt and sweatpants tucked into his boots underneath all of that fun. Still have to hunt down a pair of glasses.

Rikku’s, on the other hand, is a collection of ready-made stuff. Bought the yellow bikini, green mini skirt, and high top sneakers. I got the blue bandana from Shane’s shop, and he’s ordering me the blond wig. The gloves I made out of knee-high white stockings from Hot Topic, undid the toes part, and sewn a bit together to make an impromptu fingerless gloves. Still have to make and glue the ribbons. The scarf is the key to all of this. Nora knitted it for me. A lot more like striped Griffindor color, but it fits perfectly. And over this skimpy outfit, I have my thick army coat. I was going to make a cloak using fleece, but I’m done sewing for a while.

Despite much encouragement from my work buddies…all guys, of course…I don’t I’d be going to work in Rikku’s gitup. Instead, I’ll be a vampiress. Just bought the custom-fitted fangs from Hot Topic. Rarrr!

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