I LOVE my Hot Topic Bloody Mary fangs!

All dressed up as the vampiress at work. Got a compliment from a coworker from Romania that I’d make a good Dracula’s bride. Once again, and as always, I was the only one in costume.

Although the Romanian came to work in an orangy bongo-print Hawaiian shirt, uncharacteristic of his usual button downs. He later on showed me the characteristic Romanian fangs…which match his shirt…and made out of candy corns. 🙂

After a few minutes had gone by from my boss at a team meeting, he said, “what, are you going out dancing after work or something?” I had to go back and put the fangs on.

Nope. Didn’t win any money this year.

The snap-on fangs are incredibly comfortable to wear, given that my right fang was a little ill fitted. I could almost wear it all day for the fact that I talk funnier than my funny talk. And wearing the fangs make me thirsty. I think it’s partially because the fangs forced me to keep my mouth open a little bit here and there. But Brandon thinks I was getting into character a little too much.

The velvet dress is quite warm when there is no breeze. My wooly silky pashmina from Nepal is keeping me toasty enough not to suffer hypothermia. Except for when the wind blows.

At one point, after running around in the office so much, I put down the pashmina. It was getting warm in that dress! The Married Graphic Guy was looking at me weird. I caught him blushing. He joked (or may be not) that I was making him nervous. “I haven’t seen bare shoulders in this office in a long time. For some reasons, I couldn’t stop looking at your shoulders! Oh my god, I just did it again. Sorry! Arrgh! Where’s your goddamn shawl!?!”

If it was some other girls, you would think that was a lame excuse for catching someone staring at your boobs. But seriously, you saw the picture. I DON’T HAVE ANY BOOBS. Besides, the velvet dress is not cut very low, so no push-up-bra-enhanced cleavage either.

It took him another hour after that to get used to my bare shoulders.

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