Adventures in commuting

Yesterday was the day from commuter’s hell.

The Blue Line has been having problems since a car flew off the 91 and landed on the line. So, standing on the platform, I was informed the train would be coming at 30 minute interval instead of the usual 7. Fine. I still made it to work on time that day.

Monday evening, a coworker used me for my body and we flew down the freeways in carpool lane all the way to Long Beach. And therefore I didn’t know the impending doom that awaited on the southbound Blue Line.

Because of the crash, the train now stops at Imperial/Wilmington station–the Green Line connection–and everyone gets on the bus to go down 3 more stops and continues on another train down to Downtown Long Beach. The bus runs every 35 minutes.

Having caught wind of the massive delays yesterday’s afternoon, and my attempt to whore my body for another trip down carpool lane failed, I asked Brandon to come pick me up at the Imperial station, bypassing all the busing abouts. Around 6:15-6:30, I said. He said, fine.

My train didn’t leave Downtown LA until 6:00 p.m. At 6:20, 4 more stops to Imperial, someone had a medical emergency, and we had to wait for an ambulance. So, we were herded into another packed train, heading south.

I finally arrived at Imperial station, into the loving arms of my husband who’s been waiting there with Shane since 6-ish, at 6:50.

After that, we went to Super Mex, had food and beer. Gosh. What a day!

One redeeming thing about yesterday though, 3 stops before Imperial once the train cleared up a bit, a GENTLEMAN offered me his seat. Thank you!

In order to avoid this shenanigan with the Blue Line until it’s fixed, I shifted my work hour to 8-5, and catch the Orange County Transit express bus from Los Alamitos, getting on around 6:45, and being delivered at my building’s doorstep by 8 a.m.

Now, THAT’s a nice ride.

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