I heart Terence

I can always count on my friend Terence to make me laugh. Here’s our email correspondence yesterday.

TB: Here’s a picture of Chris’ kid.

Me: Heh. Looks like dad and son were wearing the same clothes there too. Speaking of cute babies, check out my blogger-friend Chris “Rude Cactus”’s future generation geek baby.

TB: Very cute. Kinda looks like you when Brandon reads old scripts from ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’.

Me: Feh. I prefer “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, thanks.

TB: Please accept my humblest apologies for my offense, Ms. Boren. I was quite unaware of your distaste for ‘Deep Space’. It was an egregious error that shall not happen again. I beg of you, please do not tell my family for it would bring great shame and emotional devestation upon them. Especially my brother, who has a weak heart and even weaker mind. [signed] Terence “Worf” B.

Me: ROFL. You guys must be bored today. Do I have your permission to blog this?

TB: Yes, slow today. And yes, you can blog whatever you want, dearie. BTW- what does ROFL mean?

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