Football fever?

I don’t watch NFL. Could never get into it. But now I have 3 reasons why I will start following NFL this upcoming years.

1. My Dreamboat dweller Matt Leinart will play for AZ Cardinals.

2. Lendale White, the Thunder, will play for Tennessee Titans with USC’s mortal enemy, Vince Young.

3. Reggie Bush will be whistling dixie with New Orleans Saints.

So, okay. I don’t know much about the NFL and the whole drafting process. From what I’ve read, Matty was supposed to go to the Titans or NY Jets and Reggie to Texas. The theory on Matty accordingly to ESPN believes that the Titans dropped him because, well, the owner is a Texan.

In that case, good for you going to New Orleans, Reggie. Damn them Texans!

So yeah. I’ll be rooting for the Cardinals and watch the Saints and follow Lendale’s career.

Only if LA has a team, can you imagine the line up of Matt, Reggie, and Lendale for the LA Rioteers?

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