I don’t watch American Idol, but as a pop culture fiend, I’ve been following the results by listening to Ralph talks about it on Kevin & Bean Show on KROQ.

Sure, Ralph is totally in love with Katherine McPhee. Afterall, it’s him who coined “McPheever”. But after watching a brief glimpses of her here and there, I do agree with him. She has a great voice. And yeah, she’s hot.

That Hicks guy? Sorry. He doesn’t wow me. Period.

My question to you today: McPhee or Hicks?

Nonetheless, I will be watching LOST finale tonight. After all, I had a dream about running around this haunted mysterious mansion on the Island with shirtless and sweaty Matthew Fox. Yum…


  1. Ginny   •  

    I too am a lost fan–but don’t follow Am. Idol..sorry. It’s one show I have succesfully resisted.

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