Spanish Inquisition

The Spanish Team won the Tsunami Memorial Design Competition

Congratulations, ladies! (A week late.)

Although, I must confess that I was rooting for the Australian team. I did love that underwater light show idea, but it was a bit too ambitious for Thailand.

I did like American team’s design because it blends in with the environment. But then again, that might just be too much.

Finland won me over with the banana leaf boats idea, but that was all there is for me there.

And finally, Belgium. It looks great. Just not for this secluded lagoon.

Anyhoo. Congratulations, you guys! I’m still bummed I didn’t get to party with y’all on your last night in the city. Hehe. But, it was such an honor to get to know everyone and watch how you work. I’m so proud to have been a witness to such process.

And daddy, GOOD JOB! ;-D

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