Memorial Day ponderance

I often say I don’t have a stand about the War in Iraq. Because I don’t.

I don’t care why our troops were sent over there. But I care that they are there now.

I don’t care if PODUS is an idiot. I care that troops are risking their lives right now.

Soldiers have been deployed already. They are getting shot at and blown up already.

Standing around in the safety of US soil they protect and bitching about the war may help bringing them home sooner, but it’s not bringing them home right now or bringing anyone back from the dead.

US Military is a volunteer military. No one is forced to be soliders. One is not forced into becoming a soldier and pick up his/her gun. These brave men and women sign up to serve their country. They sign up to fight battles.

When their country said go to war, they go to war. It’s their job. And they do it proudly.

They give up their lives because their country tell them to, no matter the reasons.

Instead of taking today to protest the war, to bash the president, to scream at soldiers as “baby killers” or whatever, think about this.

You can do all of that because you are NOT in the front line. Guess who’s out there right now in your place so you can protest the war, bash the president, and call our brave men and women baby killers?

No, I don’t have an opinion about the war. But I do have an opinion about our troops.

I’m fucking proud of them.

TO US TROOPS EVERYWHERE: If for some freaky reason you end up reading my blog, please know that I have the utmost respect for you. You’re out there in a foreign country, making sure that folks there get to have the same freedom that you do, and that the rest of us on this side of the pond stay safe. I want you safe. I want you to come home to their families. I want you to receive all the glory and gratitude you deserve.

You are my hero. God bless you.

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  1. Token Asian   •  

    That was beautifully put, Oakley!

    I did my part by sending care packages to soldiers over there…one who was a childhood friend. When he came home safely, I adopted Zach who is also home safely.

    Maybe I’m a lucky charm. I should ask Zach if he knows more soldiers who want to be adopted.

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