My football fever is.

Apparently, my enthusiasm for it gets a few folks in the office to follow suit. Fortunately, the 21:00 game is on at 12 noon US time. And our little office TV that could does pick up Channel 10, a Spanish channel, loud and clear in the lunch room.

Like today, I’d timed my lunch so that I’d get my food and be back to lunch room for the remainder of the second half. So, a few coworkers join me in watching the game.

And wouldn’t you know it, the next time Brazil approaches the goal or Croatia made their moves, they all jumped up and screamed with me.

Maybe it’s the football that gets people interested. Or the cute players. (A coworker said if we think the Italians are hot, wait and catch the Swedes….Hm….) Or maybe my enthusiasm. But whatever it is, I’m sure glad I, once again in the role of a cultural ambassador, spread the joy of football to my little office.

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  1. lillian   •  

    The games are on LATE if at all. Timing is bad with World Cup, the Kings 60th years to the throne…. my football fever is leaving..

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