Morning Becomes Eclectic

4 things that happened before 12 noon today. Emotion roller coaster ride from start to finish.

#1 – “Diddeedeeeee” Moment

Talking into a cell phone does not make your conversation private. In a bus full of practically strangers, this girl made her purchasing transaction over her cell phone. Here we were, the passengers in the front of the bus who heard her address, phone number, credit card number and expiration date clear as day. Um. Duh.

#2 – “Goooooal” Moment

Having arrived at work at 7:30 a.m., I called my dad. He was watching the Argentina v.s. Serbia & Montenegro game.

“I haven’t fired up my computer yet, so what’s the score, dad?”

“Argentina 5. Serbia nothing. Oh wait wait wait… Argentina 6. Serbia nothing. So, Mexico and Angola today for you guys, huh? How crazy is LA going to get?”

Man, I LOVE how we bond over the World Cup. And in 2 years, Olympics.

#3 – “Ah…a bit of normalcy” Moment

My dad and I discussed the possibility of him coming to visit at the end of year before his bonus mileage expires. I told him that we don’t have the extra bed any more, so he’d have to sleep on the (cheapy) air mattress which benefit is that he’d be right next to the space heater so he won’t be cold. Dad laughed and said that he’d probably should stay at a hotel then. In the background, I heard mom started yelling at him. Something about “Don’t be ridiculous! Just stay at their place. You’re not going to die of hypothermia”.

That means mom is feeling a bit like herself again. 🙂

On that note, right now, she’s going to the doctor. If the cancer has shrunk enough, they’d take her off of chemo and put her on some kind of oral cancer treatment instead. She’s grown quite weak apparently, and they really don’t want to continue her on chemo if they don’t have to. So, pray for her (and us) if you can!

#4 – Spontaneous Combustion

In a little powwow in my cubicle, a coworker raised his voice at my supervisor and ended up yelling at her while she calmly tried to talk to him and me sitting there and another coworker in the next cubicle.

He had his reasons to be frustrated. But seriously, yelling at people is just not appropriate in the office.

So yeah. That was my morning. The afternoon, thank god, was lighter and the mood continued to lift. Sure, I was disappointed Mexico didn’t win. But man, that Angolan goalie was just AMAZING. One handed save. *whistle* That was impressive. And I finally taught the Big Boss how to purchase digital sheet music. I hope he likes them…and he’d share them after he bought them… Hehee…

Yep. Just don’t feel like going to bed. Although I should. I have to be ready for my “cousin”‘s graduation is at the crack of dawn.

Well, actually it’s my usual weekday wake up call of 5:30 so I guess there’s no difference.

Good night!

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