She said, she said

I talked to my mom last night.


I called my dad apparently right after the doctor has left. My mom was being moved from the nursing home–for Bangkokians, that’s a semi-hospital specialized in older folks–to local hospital where mom has been receiving cancer treatment. The doctors are extremely happy with her progress. She’s adjusted quite well and therapy is working wonderfully.

Dad said he’d put her on the phone really quick. Mom can talk but keep in mind that her left side isn’t moving with her. So it comes out a little slurry and mumbly. But that was probably the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard thus far.

And here’s how our conversation went. You’d have to imagine her slurred speech on your own there…

Mom: Hi sweetie.

Me: Hi Mommy. I’ve missed you! So, you’re doing good, sounds like?

Mom: Honey. They’ve been so mean to me. You have to help me.

Me: What?

Mom: They won’t let me get up to go to the bathroom.

Me: Well, in that case, just pee on them. That’ll get them to let you up.

Mom: [Laugh]

Me: And next time, if you don’t want to talk to me on the phone, just don’t answer it, okay? Getting stroke and hiding from me in a hospital is NOT going to work.

Mom: [Laugh]

So, yeah. Her sense of humor is intact.

Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers. Like I told Chris Cactus, positive thinking works even half a world away!

Also, AIDS Walk went well. Please see the Weevil Blog for that.

My life finally returns to a more normal pace. Thank goodness. I hid inside all day on Sunday, coming out briefly with Brandon to go grocery shopping. I did absolutely nothing. I needed one whole day to recharge after all the shananigan this past week.

And tomorrow morning, it’s Brazil v.s. Ghana. In the words of Stephen Colbert, “you’re not Ghana win, anyway!” Go Brazil!


  1. Ginny   •  

    That’s wonderful news! 🙂

  2. Rude Cactus   •  

    That’s fantastic! I’m very glad things are improving!!

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