Makeover madness

Okay. I’m talking girly stuff here. Very unusual for me so please don’t hurt yourself laughing.

I went to my first Mary Kay party and was taught make up techniques by former Miss America.

I’m sorry to say that I HATE the eye make up she did for me. I agree that the indigo liner brings out my eyes, but man do you have to apply it that thick?

I don’t wear make up. Not to work. Not anywhere. 99% of the time. All I put on in the morning is moisturizer and SPF 30 lightly tinted sun block on top of that. Until recently, I added a quick sweep over my face with Neutrogena mineral powder.

I wear make up, as in full blown with foundation and all, once or twice a year. When going out–which is not often–I’d do a little cheeks and a little lips. I’ve been wearing glasses these days, it doesn’t matter what I have on my eyes. Besides, the mascara’ed and curled lashes hit the glasses. But that’s it.

I HATE make up. Then again, with my face, I don’t really need it. Thank goodness for the darker features.

Anyhoo. So that was the makeover party which I discovered lip mask that is cheaper than Benefit and works as well, and the cranberry lip gloss is wonderful. Not sticky at all and makes me look purrrty. And those were the only 2 things I bought.

I also love their foundation and foundation/powder which matches my skin more perfectly than anything I’ve bought from RiteAid. But for my level of usage, it’s just not worth buying a bottle. I’d stick with my $8 a tube per year.

And yes, I have the picture of the “after”. But y’all won’t be see THAT. I’ll put it up for auction for the Weevils next year or something. LOL.

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  1. Breakfast At Tiffy's   •  

    Oaks, your crazy but its funny cause I am laughing, I feel the sam way about makeup! Its yucky and the less I put on the happier I am!

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