Champion of the World

Italy. You rock.

Technically, your defense did not let up. Sure, Zidane got the penalty kick for what many of us thought was a bad call. But that wasn’t because you, the great wall of Napoli, failed. Materazzi’s header was indeed spectacular.

But to tell you the truth, France did play better in the second half. Italy was hanging back, holding down the fort but never really makes the good move forward. France kept beating down the door but didn’t get very far, obviously. Half way through the overtime, with Zidane in the game, I thought for sure France would beat Italy in the shootout. But then, Zidane lost his mind. And at that moment, I knew Italy was going to win.

Was France robbed of victory in the penalty kick shootout? If you consider Zidane to be the robber, then yes. WTF was the guy thinking??? (As some may say, he should’ve gone for the face…)

Here’s a “clip” courtesy of Frenchy who got it from somewhere else…

[lost image]

Anyhoo. Back to the normalcy of Sunday. Actually, it’s not very normal. Brandon is out with Erik. For a change, I’m the one alone in the house. This is very odd…

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  1. Ginny   •  

    Sorry. Don’t watch soccer. Jeeze, I’m such a freaking loser! EVERYONE watches soccer. The whole danged world watches it except me. Thanks for making me feel lame, I’m going back to bed. 😉

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