Well deserved beer

I got home and Brandon came to pick me up and off we went to dinner and drinks with some friends at EJ Malloy’s in Long Beach. First there were James and Shane who played frisbee golf with Brandon earlier. Jim met them there.

I had a plate of fish and chips, a beer, a second beer when Lupe got there, and split a brownie sundae with everyone when Paul turned up and Jim and James left.

Brenda and Jon came in for a good last little bit of my beer and then we too left.

But man, I needed the food. Seriously, I haven’t eaten that much–as in more than half of the serving–in a long time. And I sure as hell haven’t had 2 beers and still standing. Or sitting, in this case.

This morning was all the family drama with my jackass brother. It’s still going, but you know what, I’m trying to give him the benefit of the doubt and allowing him some wiggle room. I shouldn’t. But he’s my brother. As much as I want to beat his head in, he’s family and I don’t have a lot of that lying around these days.

Boy, am I full!

And buzzed. Not much. Just a little bit.

Well, not enough to make this a drunken post, but enough to make me slightly dizzy. I should probably go lay down.

A quick shout out though:

My Jackass Brother – You know I love you. But man, you can be such a jackass sometime.

JOY – You are my QUEEN! I love you, girl. (And I will be bringing home all the stuff you’ve asked for. )

P’ Beau – I love you too. I can’t believe we’re still friend after 13 years of off and on communication. Can you believe I am still friends with Gian tool? Hey….ho….hey….ho….!

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  1. Rude Cactus   •  

    Next time, drink a little more. Drunk post from Oakley!!

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