Rainy days and Wednesdays

The sky finally opened up in Bangkok. Well, not too much but enough to keep everything damp on and off since yesterday’s afternoon.

Tong ditched us 3 times in 3 days so far. This is new to me but apparently she’s been doing that to Joy and Lily for quite sometimes now.

Let’s see. She was going to try to come out to girls dinner (part I) on Sunday night, but didn’t make it. Her mom wasn’t happy about her going out. Okay, that’s typical of her woes. So she made plans with me and Lily on Monday to go have lunch and visit my mom.

Monday noon came, no one could reach her. Again, also typical, Tong slept through the alarm and phone calls. She showed up much later in the evening to visit my mom. We made plans for dinner last night so she could meet Joy and Lily and I for dinner.

Joy and I visited mom early in the morning and had lunch there with the aunties. Lily joined us, had lunch, and we were off to Lalai Sapp Alley shopping our pretty little heads off. I scored a dress to wear for my company’s award dinner in October for about $30. Gorgeous black shiffon thing with hippy-ish gold accent. Very me. After that I went with Joy and her mom to shop for Thai silk and Joy’s painting supply down at the Old Siam. Fun, but I didn’t get anything.

By the time we got to Polo Club for dinner we were already a bit late. Tong couldn’t make it…again. This time she said she was sick. Okee dokey. I hope I get to see this bitch on Friday this time.

I’m actually chatting with Brandon on IM. Gosh, I love dad’s little laptop and the wireless internet connection here at the house. It works well until dad’s staff arrive and start using the network. Hahah.

On the menu today in the Big Mango: Visiting mom…which I have to get going for soon. Dentist at 1 p.m. and afternoon of maybe getting new glasses and contacts, getting a new suitcase and some more shopping with dad. Dinner at home…or my maid Pueng would kill me. LOL. I haven’t eaten at home much since I got here and she’s DYING to make me food.

In the plans: Friday night, back at Kinnaree Gourmet Thai for dinner with the classmates (part II) and then partying afterward. Lunch with Thai-Blogs folks on Saturday. Hopefully, Steve Suphan can drum up the gang. And dinner with the family Saturday night, and packing after that. Sunday, probably have to leave the house very early in the morning to go to the airport and endless security wait. Fun.

P.S. Joshua Tyler Heygood arrived last week! Poor boy has a heart condition and he got out of surgery this weekend. JC and Erick said he is going to be just fine! I’ll post more info about them when I get back.


  1. mark   •  

    huhuhuhuhuh you said kok

  2. KorBua   •  

    I’m always like that with Kitz. Seriously I always get busy every now and then. 🙂 I hope you meet your friend on friday. 🙂

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