On the Road to Recovery

Interim Prime Minister has been named, and his name is General Surayud Chulanont. The former military leader is taking the spotlight among criticism that the “junta” is still controling the government for the year until the promised election.

Sure, he has a military background, but he is also trusted by the King. If the King’s game, I’m game.

Not to mention, picking Surayud for this post over the WTO guy (I’m sorry I forgot his name) is a good choice. Why? So when times come for the election, we’ll have someone qualified and available to run the country.

The last time we had the coup and horrible bloody uprising, the King selected the perfect man to set the country straight. Anand Panyarachund put us on the right course for recovery, and he held his interim post fantastically. We wanted him to stay, but he declined and bowed out gracefully.

In this case, I’m just hoping, by the time election comes around, the WTO guy could step up and be Anand and get us right back on our feet and move forward.

Another point on this development.

The draft of the constitution so far give the junta the power to sack the prime minister.


Well, hell. We NEED the military to overlook the reform. You know why? Because if there is no control now, guess what is going to happen to the constitution all over again. Yep. Loopholes. Loopholes to let someone be in power and hold the country hostage like Thaksin has done.

Military control over the process will instill fear into people who are looking to do just that.

It’s a tough love medicine our country is needed.

And on unrelated note:

My favorite princess has a blog! Sort of. Thai Crown Princess Sirindhorn started a blog entry for the British Council to encourage Thais to learn English. It’s unclear if the blog will be updated or not at the moment.

But, your highness, with all due respect, if somehow this blog entry ever gets to you, please do create a blog. As a big fan of your work since I was a child, I admire your voice and your knowledge. I have always looked up to you. And it would be an honor to read your thoughts and learn from your wisdom if you choose to post it online.


  1. Nui   •  

    Oakley, hate to burst your bubble, but the WTO guy whom you can’t even remember his name would never make it as a candidate for PM. He’s only appointable, but not electable. No charisma at all. It was international politics and bureaucratic lobbying that got him his positions at the UN, it was hardly a fair election. If qualifications were all that was needed for us to have a good PM, we’d be flooded with candidates of could be PMs.

    Even for the sake of democracy I won’t vote of Supachai, he’s boring, way way removed from Anan’s callibre.

  2. OakMonster   •  


    See? I need more info on the guy. From just reading stuff out here and what not, I only get half of the story.

    Thanks P’Nui for the clarification! 🙂

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