This week is going swell…

Good News:

An unofficial translation of the interim constitution has been posted on the Nation website.

No, I haven’t read it. Too early for that crap.

The interim government is forming. Yippee.

Bad News:

Especially when you have no hot water to shower with in the morning. Well at least the entire 10 minutes I stood around, waiting and waiting and waiting…

So while waiting, I heated up a kettle of water and took a sponge bath. By the time I was done, the shower still ran cold.

I’m planning on taking a hip-hop dance class tonight. I think I have to call my aunt and bum the shower again. *sigh*

Good News:

I had over 10,000 viewers as of yesterday!!! I don’t know who the lucky 10,000th person is but Nicky came in at 9,999. So, I think he maybe the one to get cookies.


  1. Pondering   •  

    Hey! Congrat (sorry..i can never be able to spell the whole thing.) for your blog success.

    Just wanna let you know that your blog is very entertaining to read, and yes, I’ve visited like everyday.

  2. lillian   •  

    Thanx for adding me, I’ll do the same (sorry, I thought I had added you ages ago)hmmm

  3. Rude Cactus   •  

    Oooh, no hot water blows! Hope you get that fixed!

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