Drink ’till they’re cute

Well, more like tolerable. 😉 You’ll find out here in a bit what I’m talking about.

Dinner with my girlfriends last night was fantastic. It was “Appetizers for dinner” potluck at Brenda’s instead of going out to a restaurant. Everything dish had cheese in it and the gracious host kept pouring the wine.

I brought over 3 smaller version of Giada’s Mini Italian Club Sandwiches and 1 with just the egg and cheese plus added tomato slices for Lee, our lone vegatarian. Instead of the big foccacia round, I used 4 freshly made Italian rolls I bought from Downtown sandwich shop instead, and I quartered the sandwiches. Brenda made all sorts of little dishes and set out crostinis and chips and veggies for us to dip our lives away. Aurora made these family recipe blondies to die for and Lupe baked cookies.

Lee brought over the brie and pastry to get baked and Brenda. Aurora later discovered that not only the brie was baked but so was the paper label. The boys also had a huge laugh over the nutrional facts that showed up on their cut of baked brie.

Oh yeah, the Boys showed up at the end.

While the ladies were out, our husbands/boyfriend/friend decided to go out as well. Brandon (mine) and James (Aurora’s) went home after their dinner at Naples Rib Company as Paul (Lupe’s), John (Brenda’s), and Shane cruised back to Bren’s for some of John’s home brewed beer.

By the point, us ladies were nice and smashed so we didn’t mind the company any more.

Besides, we had SO MUCH FOOD leftover. Someone had to help!

And oh, by the way, that beer of John’s. Fan-fucking-tastic! It’s like if Guinness and New Castle have babies, it would’ve been that. It was just awesome.

So, the boys crashed in. We watched the World of Warcraft South Park episode. Uber Pownage for all! Lots of laughs and much raucousness. Aurora, Brenda and I once again were amazed that we understood the entire thing. Gamer geek by osmosis is actually possible, it seems.

Lupe, as always, started dosing off here and there once she was nice and alcoholized. Toward the end of the evening, she sort of came to a little bit. Mainly, in the middle of our conversation about how James = Cartman in the WOW South Park.

“So, I thought we were going to watch that WOW South Park episode,” interrupted Lupe.

“We just did,” Paul said, looking at her a little bit confused.

“We DID??”

Lupe fell asleep through the entire episode. With all the raucousness.

Now THAT’S a sign of a good time. 🙂

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    I LOVE BRIE!!! 🙂

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