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Just as I’m starting to get comfortable being one of the girls–you know, with the girls night out and all of that–I suddenly realize that there *is* a reason why I prefer the company of dudes over girls a lot of times.


The dude’s being vulgar and insensitive, I can handle. It’s a dude thing. Even with them, once in a while all the “Holy Hooters!” becomes too much. But that doesn’t bug me as much as the constant barrage of gossip.

Yes, being a girl, I gossip here and there. And yes, I enjoy hearing stuff here and there. Just like with the guys, a little bit of that is expected. But when it becomes the only thing you hear, it gets a little old.

That, and trash talking about everyone and everything else around you. I mean, I’m a Carlos Mencia fan. I make fun of people too. But, like I said, it becomes excessive, you have to start worndering about the person.

The October issue of Real Simple, “Breaking Your Bad Habits” explains it best.

The Habit: Gossiping

Why You Do It: You try to take the focus off your flaws by exposing those of others. But a person who gossips by habit doesn’t truly believe she’s good enough on her own.

How to Stop: Focus your conversation on sharing your experiences, such as discovering a new restaurant or your latest vacation. Brush up on current events, music, or sports. This will give you something else to discuss besides other people. Plus, you never know who is listening in on your conversation. If you’re complaining about your coworker, be aware that her best friend might be the woman directly behind you on the train. Keep in mind that gossiping makes you seem untrustworthy. You may even lose friends and professional contacts when people realize you’re a gossip.

Well, there you go.

Besides, it’s a Buddhist thing. All things in moderation. Like I said, I am no saint. I gossip. I make fun of people. I oogle at hot guys. But I don’t think I do it excessively. …or do I?

If I do, can someone please smack some senses into me? Thanks.


  1. demiboss   •  

    My solution? Only gossip with men. I get vulgarity and good dirt.

  2. KorBua   •  

    Lol… Kitz and I always gossip about things people don’t usually talk about. 😛

  3. Betti   •  

    I have an easier time dealing with people who contantly gossip than the people who only have converstions with you in the hopes of receiving gossip-worthy information.
    GOOD GREIF it’s a drag.
    I wish I got along with “fellow women” better than I do, because I think that women are excessively mean to each other, what better place to stop the buck, blah blah – but I find it much easier to spend time with men, they don’t seem to be as clique-ish and grudge-ey.
    Woot, didn’t offer up any useful information for you, but I’m more than happy to comiserate!

  4. Betti   •  

    oh, and oggling hot guys?
    On more than one occasion, I’ve had to be careful not to drive off the road when hottie shirless joggers were nearby. Some men should not be allowed to wear shirts while jogging, it’d be a crime against asthetics . . . or something. . .

  5. lillian   •  

    oggling at hot guys? I know thats not what the post is about.. but we DEFINATELY have to go out lol

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