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Running for office? Better run from Colbert – Los Angeles Times

The article says that politicians are made to look stupid on the show and therefore they’d better not appear on the Report until after the election. Or if they should do it at all.

Congressman Bob Wexler *IS* my hero. I mean, he goes out there and make fun of himself. It’s frelling hilarious! Then there was the opponent guy the other day who actually harmonized with Stephen! Fan-fucking-tastic!

But there are folks who’d go on the show and show off the stupid. I mean, they got there and took everything so seriously. Every curve ball Stephen throws at you, you take it as a straight shot or just didn’t know how to react. Instead of playing it off, you come out stupid.

Seriously, this should be one of the requirement to elect an official. When you don’t possess the wit or sense of humor to go up against Colbert, then we shouldn’t elect you.

Here’s the famous Wexler video:


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  1. Olaina.PhotosandArt   •  

    You do have to love him. In fact, where is he uncontestedd? I want to move there and vote for him. And then, when able, I want to work for him as a speech writer. I think he’d appreciate my dry wit and sense of humor. (see for examples, Mr. Wexler. I’m your girl!) 🙂

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