Best. Time. Ever.

Last night party? Fan. Fuckin’. Tastic!

We drank.

Who was I kidding when I started with a glass of champagne? Boddington’s is THE only way at a British party, baby!

We schmoozed.

Hello to fellow tablemates, Scott, Lee–my ale buddy, and Dave King of the Dance Floor!

We ate.

Mulligatawny soup, how I love thee lemme count the way! And the pudding. THE PUDDING!!!

We danced.

The band ROCKED MY WORLD! It’s supposed to be the music from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. But once they played the 80s, the floor was packed. So most of the night, it was the 80s. To my surprise, our entire table was up and dancing! I have never seen the dance floor so full of dancing old white men! Dave busted the move and danced with all the ladies. Lee was rocking out on his own but boy that man can rock! Scott? Total surprise to me and he was a marvelous dancer too. It was utterly awesome.

And then…Oakley’s rock n’ roll dream came true!

Yep. Volunteer myself to get on stage with other 8 busty, not so skinny white chicks as honorary Robert Palmer Girls. (Representin’ for my Asian sisters, woohoo!) They didn’t say what we were on stage for at first, but the drum intro started. I turned to the drummer and he looked at me and I pointed at him screaming and he smiled. LOL…What a dork! Funny how I know my Robert Palmer’s. Hahah!

So, the band of Blondezillas sort of nudged me all the way to the edge. I ended up by the bassist. We made eye contact. He came over and I got to rock out with him. Fan. Fuckin’. Tastic!

I believe I was the only one imagining I was THE rockstar up there, singing along and rocking out, instead of doing the sexy dance like most chicks on stage did. Seriously. I was living my rock n’ roll dream for the 4 minute duration of the song.

And we danced some more. All the way to the end.

They mentioned slow dance, so we were getting off the floor. But it was “Let’s Get it on”. You cannot NOT dance to Let’s Get it on!?!?! So my coworker Ed danced with me–he’s so nice! LOL. And the hits keep on comin’ after that. All the way to the band’s last song. And even when “Go away now…Show’s over…Closing time” music came on, we were still dancing. Hell, who in the hell would pick Abba’s “Dancing Queen” as the Chase You Out of the Dance Floor song!?! **Buzz** Wrong answer!

But we did eventually leave as the clock ticked closer to midnight.

Thanks again, Big Boss for getting me there! Even it was very last minute. (Thank GODS for Macy’s Junior department!) Demi-Boss, my fantabulous Dancing Queen. And Nhien, for driving me all the way back home afterward.

Let me say it again. Fan. Fuckin’. Tastic!!!

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