Out with the old

…and some of the new too.

Folks. Our fridge is, for now, officially dead.

Monday morning, as I stumbled out of the bathroom after all the vomiting, in search for a glass of lightly iced water, I opend the freezer to find water dripping from the ice dispenser. (We have a built in ice maker but we didn’t have the water hook up in this apartment. So Brandon has been buying chipped ice to put in the ice storage.) I poked at the Jimmy Dean frozen breakfast sandwich in the door compartment. The biscuit was soft. The box frozen peas next to it was a tad damp. A new tub of ice cream I bought a few days ago gave in to my poking. Everything seemed to be thawing out.

Crap. Perhaps we didn’t close the door properly last night, I thought.

So I grabbed some ice, closed the door and made sure it was securely closed, dragged the husk that was my body over to the Nest, grabbed the remote and blanket, and then crashed.

Later on in the morning when Brandon woke up, he went to fetch some ice for his morning Dr. Pepper. The freezer was still dripping.

Out of the kitchen came, “What the…why is…awww, fuck!”

He investigated some more, and at this point it seemed the regular fridge also wasn’t as cold as it should be. Brandon peeked around and ended up laying on the kitchen floor next to the fridge, cleaning out the air filter and what not down there at the bottom of the fridge. His effort and bravery to splay out on my dirty kitchen floor would turn out to be fruitless.

Later on that night, I hauled out things that didn’t melt well like ice creams and meat to the trash. I still had some hope for the frozen veggies. Perhaps it’d kick start itself now that the air way was cleaned out?

Oh, Oakley. You are so naive.

Morning came. Even before he brushed his teeth, Brandon went straight to the frigde to check. He declared the freezer completely dead. He called for service and since we both had to be at work, this will get fix on Saturday. Fine. As long as the fridge side still works.

Not so.

I got home to the bad news. The fridge side apparently has been dead long before Brandon got home. 5 garbage bags later, all we have left sitting on the kitchen counter are a few bottles of vodka, a bottle of mustard, mini peanut butter cups (kept away from our reach all fall…pretty good strategy), one carton each of plain and Italian bread crumbs (don’t have to be refridgerated but it keeps longer in the fridge), a bag each of salad and baby carrots, a few apples, sparkling water, sodas, and booze.

Out was my brand new tub of ice cream and frozen entrees and veggies, frozen broth I made from scrath, an almost full 18-count carton of eggs, condiments, a pretty good size chunk of parmigiano reggiano, a stack of Lunchables, Soy Nog, and much more.

On our way home from getting dinner, we picked up a few bags of ice to fill our cooler so Brandon can have at least some ice for his sodas, salad and carrots, and my emergency supply of beer (one each of New Castle, Oregon Honeybrew, and Guinness). I didn’t want to throw out the rest of the fantastic Santa Cristina so I managed to shove that into the cooler too. I’ll drink it all in a few days hopefully.

“Well, look on the bright side,” Brandon said. “We’ve always wanted to clean out the fridge.”


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  1. KorBua   •  

    … awww all the food… 🙂 yeah like Bradon said look on the bright side…

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