Justice? What justice?

LA Times – 2 men freed in L.A. girl’s killing
Police say the gunmen were firing in self-defense at a rival gang member when the girl, 9, was hit by a stray bullet that entered her Angelino Heights home.

A few days after a bullet from a gang shooting tore into an Angelino Heights home last month, killing a 9-year-old girl, police announced with much fanfare that they had arrested the two gunmen.

But the suspects — Cesar Zamora, 23, and Steven Castanon, 20 — are now out of jail and back in their old neighborhood, to the dismay of residents who held candlelight vigils to memorialize Charupha Wongwisetsiri.

Police released the men without filing charges after determining that Zamora or Castanon fired the shot that killed Charupha in self-defense when a rival gang member pulled up in a car and tried to shoot them in front of their apartment complex next to Charupha’s home.

Sure, I’m a little bit biased for the fact that the dead little girl is Thai. But still, gang members are allowed to shoot up the neighborhood, accidentally killing people, and walk away free men because it was a “self defense”?

What kind of a fucked up world is this!?!?!??!

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  1. Korbua   •  

    so true… the little girl is dead… and more shooting… this is just crazy…

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