When stress attacks

Yep. I’m home. Again.

The first one of the somewhat quarterly 24-hour exhaustion and low fever bug attack is here.  Then again, that is common when I’ve been stressed out and then suddenly there was a relief.  My system just crashed like that.  If you’ve been reading here a while, you should know. 🙂
Remember how I went to bed at 8:30 last night?

Well, I woke up once in the dead of night drenched in sweat.  The kind that you get when your fever breaks.  And of course, after kicking off the blanket, a minute later, I was  cold and shivering all over again.  Curious, eh?

Waking up at the usual 5:30 with a headache is never a good sign.  I tried to get up but my body felt like I either ran a marathon in my sleep or I got hit by a bus and didn’t know it.  I plopped back into bed and asked Brandon to bring me my phone when he gets out of the shower.

The Lady Boss usually has her cell phone off, but today she had it on. So I woke her sleepy ass up at the crack of dawn from Brandon’s phone and all she heard out of “Hey, I’m not coming in today. Felt like I got hit by a bus. I’m dead tired.” was “…hit by…dead”.

Poor thing. She panicked for a second.

So, pretty much after 12 hours of sleep. I’m still achy, exhausted, and sleepy.  The construction crew a few doors down has no mercy on my soul.  Perfect timing to finish your roof, jackasses.

I guess I’ll have to rest in the living room instead.



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