I believe you have my red stapler

At the Accounting Guy’s desk.

Me: Hey, here’s the paperwork. Can I borrow your stapler for a sec?

Him: *Hands over this:
Swingline Red Stapler

Me: DUDE!!!!!!

Him: What?

Me: You own a fucking red Swingline?!?!

Him: Isn’t this cool? You never see a red stapler in the store…

Me: *Jaw drops to the floor*

Him: …I bought it from Costco the other day for $10…

Me: *jaw stills on the floor*

Him: …See? It came with this mini stapler and a remover. It’s a very good deal. What?

Me: Obviously, you have not seen Office Space.

Him: No…?

Me: *Briefly explains the significance of the red stapler* You see, it’s $22 at ThinkGeek and $36 at Swingline website.

Him: Oh, it’s a collectible? Wow. I should have bought a few more.

Me: Dude. If you get there this weekend, get me one? Please?

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