So much to say

Yet not enough time.

I’ve found myself coming up with all of these things I want to share with you guys. The nuances of funnies. The interestingly psychotic rant on nonsensical stuff. An old poem I found scribbled on a back of a napkin from what feels like gazillion years ago in college.

This. That. And other.

But there is just not enough time. Or opportunity to do so.

If I post 3 times a day, not to mention that I would raise much suspicion and ire from my bosses (hi Demi Boss and Lady Boss), but that feels too much.

But then when I waited to blog it all at once, I end up with this seemingly never ending entry that meanders in and out of topics, time and space, channeling the epic styling of J.R.R. Tolkien minus the Hobbits, hot 300-year-old king of men or someone speaking in elegantly in Quenya.

And then you’d either lost interest reading 3 paragraphs in. And move on to the next thing.

(Hey, speaking of which, my high school was in the papers today. I had Doc Hensen for only a few days my senior year before I changed my schedule. I was highly disappointed to have gone through school and not have Doc for religion. He has so much personality and knowledge to go with that eccentric edge. Yep, the brilliant and eccentric type. I hope this whole thing blows over real quick. It sounds like much ado about nothing to me.)

Probably that is why my readership has dropped drastically. Something I expected since there is no benefit of Blogger random “next blog” button or other ones of their listings.

But what I didn’t expect is that it seems every time I check my BlogPatrol report, all of the recent hits came from me checking to see what my post looks like.

That, my friend, is a truly sad, sad situation.

But, blogging is possibly the most easily accessible and convenient form of self expression for me at the moment.

And it beats constantly trying update people with emails. ;-D Hahaha!

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