Here’s what you’ve missed

Gosh. Only if I have all the time in the world! Then you would’ve known that in the past few weeks, I have…

*UPDATE*…nearly fallen off my chair when Brandon called me. “You wouldn’t believe what just happened,” he said.

As he was leaving to go to his side job client’s office 2 Fridays ago, he felt something flew by his head into the apartment. He thought, well damn, that’s a big moth. He looked back inside.
For a brief moment, he made eye contact with a hummingbird who perched on our bookshelf for a second before flitting off around the apartment.

For the next hour, Brandon chased the bird around trying to get it back out the door. Eventually, he did.

“Yeah, now what am I going tell my client? That I’m an hour late because a hummingbird flew into my house?”

“Of course, babe. Weirdd stuff like this could only happen to you. They’d understand.”

…seen Lady in the Water. And I absolutely LOVE it! I think people who hate it–99% of critics and general public, it seems–have lost their inner children. With our imagination mostly intact, the fairy tale makes perfect sense to both of us. I can seriously see this happening out in my backyard right now if I have a backyard and a pool. How it plays out also makes sense to us in a hilarious way. Sure, it’s far fetch and over the top, but it’s a FUCKING FAIRY TALE, people. This is not serious drama. Neither is it Tolkien. A lesson on how things are never really what you think and “the experts” may not always be right. How a community of, well, outcasts, weirdos and freaks come together for just one thing. And of course, the one thing I believe in above all else, one small change can one day change the world.

On the other hand, The Covenant was just horrid. The flying Hummer was cool. The rest? I don’t know. I walked away soon after that. Brandon fast-forwarded through almost half of it before given up altogether.

…heard my mom made a joke over the phone for the first time. I asked what she was having for lunch (her time) that day. Then I told her I made some ground pork fried rice for Brandon earlier.

“Don’t give Brandon too much pork,” mom said.

“Why not?”

“You’re going to turn him into a pig.”

Things seem to be returning to a more normal level over there I see. She’s very lively and happy to be home, we think. Her friends still visit everyday, and of course, now she gets to see more of dad and Onk. The cancer is staying its itsy bitsy size and hasn’t traveled elsewhere so far. The concern is that mom still mostly lives on Ensure. She’d have a bite here and there but not a lot. Not eating well affects her strength and her will to do physical therapy. Then again, we think she may be getting a bit too comfortable in that wheelchair of hers and therefore been playing hooky so she can stay the spoiled lady of house that she is. Heheh. 😉

…have found a new favorite bar, ever. The newly revived Redwood Bar & Grill in Downtown LA. Once the haunt for hard knock LA Times reporters, politicians and mobsters back in the days. Now a PIRATE THEMED joint!

…just today, have created a new Flickr set.

So, there you go.

I’m going to go play the piano now. 🙂

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