Happy Wine-lentine’s Day!

I’m on my second glass of wine of the evening.I had a hell of a day at work. A sugar high that started early was sustained through the day with all the goodies people brought to the dessert potluck. Here are some pictures of that.



Loads of new registrations for the event I can barely keep up and I am fast approaching room maximum capacity. B and I had a miscommunication that was resolved later in the day. Yadayadayada…

Then the bus was late. It was a good 30 minutes late coming up to town and picking me up and took about as long to get from my stop to the 110, and then there was slowing on the 105. Next thing I know, it was 7:15 when I got off the bus.

It was “Pasta in Plastic Tub Night” at the Borens. Brandon ate the leftover spaghetti and I made a quick and dirty garlicky, buttery, cheesy macaroni with leftover noodles from last night half-recipe of Mac and Beef Bake. I plopped them back into the container the noodles were stored. So, there you go.

And of course, my 2 fantastic glasses of Blue Nun. Hmmm…

A perfect ending to a fuckin’ crazy day!

Oh, and of course, sleep awaits. 🙂

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