Viva Las Vegas!

It’s going to be interesting going out to the cold-ass Las Vegas. Brandon is practically healthy again and I’m well on my way. Neither one of us have our full health yet.

And hopefully, we won’t be spreading too much germs to Aunty Doe who will be riding with us.

I have a giant heap of laundry to sort through. Essentially, ALL of our laundry got done during the course of our cold. Brandon did some when he was feeling better and I did some today as a preventive measure for the pink eye thing.

Oh yeah, this pink eye SUCKS.

I feel like Jack Nicholson in As Good As It Gets with the hand washing for the past few days. Anytime my hand goes anywhere near my eye, I wash. Thank god for Neutrogena Swedish Formula hand cream. Geez.

Yesterday, there was no itching or discomfort. Just really watery eye. Today, my eyelids are tempting me to touch them. And I’m fighting the urge to touch my eyes. Wearing glasses help a little bit though. It’s a reminder not to get my hand near my eye.

Anyway. I digress.

Vegas. Now, Brandon hasn’t been to Vegas in 10+ years. Ditto Aunty Or. I haven’t been in five. The 2 other aunties will be doing some gambling. So our gang will be driving around sightseeing and going to the outlet stores. It should be thoroughly interesting.

The main thing B and I want to swing by is the Star Trek Experience at the Hilton. We can’t afford the total experience ($50+ each…are you fucking kidding me?!?), but we’d like to go in there and look around.

I want to see if we can do a “vow renewal” by a Vulcan. LOL. Well, that’s going to cost a bunch of money too I’m sure.

Oh yeah. We’re sooooo totally geeky.

Now. I must get started with the laundry pile. Or we’ll be in Vegas naked. Which would be awkward with the aunties and all…

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