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Any holiday–real or completely made up–that is fun, I’m all over it.

St. Patrick’s Day, obviously, is no exception.

We had fantastic time at work on St. Patty’s Eve yesterday. We had a good amount of treats going on and the company bought some corned beef sandwiches to be shared. Unfortunately, this is smack dab in the middle of lent so the Catholic population of the office could only longingly stare at the tray of Irish meat.

Canadian Greg: Those aren’t really meat. I mean, they’re the rare Gnome Corned Beef Fish of the Northern Ireland Coast. So, go on. Have some “fish”.


I almost pinched Canadian Greg when I walked by his office in the morning. He had his back to me and his shirt was white. I got my “pinchers” out. “Greg! Where’s your green!?”.

“Right here!” He turned around to face me. He was wearing a green t-shirt underneath the button down. Sneaky bastard!

Yeap. We were on green patrol yesterday. My girls and I were pinching anyone in the office who didn’t wear green. I even chased one down the hallway. LOL.

Later, I ran into our CEO in the mail room.

Me: Ahha! No green! *The pinchers came out*

CEO: Not so fast! *Holds up his green pencils* My assistant sent me off to this meeting with these just in case I run into you.

Aw. Psych! LOL.

More fun continues tonight as I shall whip up a vat of Guinness Stout Beef Stew I’ve made on St. Patty’s for the past 5 years. It’s now a tradition. 🙂

Shane, Pop, and Serena are coming over. So is Big Erik. James and Aurora may swing by. So may Celeste. On the menu is the stew, served with crusty bread. For dessert, it’ll be Giada’s almond cupcake frosted with Bailey’s Irish Cream frosting. (Essentially, the Fruit Dip I made for work yesterday.) I will blog about the food over at Hmm…Food…Good later.

Have a safe and FANTASTI-IRISH St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!

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