Much fun. Well alcoholized. One beer. 2 Irish Car Bombs.  And much more of that nice and spiked Bailey’s Irish Cream dip/frosting.  Loads of food to feed more surprise guests than late night talk show! I had 8 guests total and the giant vat of beef stew did not budge. I still have about 4 servings leftover.

1/2 lb. of stew beef per person my ass. 1/4 is fucking plenty.

And yes, I am blogging highly buzzed. Nobody wants me to take a picture for my blog so this one will be one of those SUPER fun nights that came and went without any evidence except for what’s in our memory.

I’m nice and alcoholized…oh hey, Lupe was just here to get her purse she left behind. THAT is just how much fun we had. Well, Lupe fell asleep the moment she was done with her stew so…
Our best success? With and 11-year-old on the premise, we managed to keep things MOSTLY PG-13 with occasional foul language. With that much alcohol flowing, at one point or the other someone fucks up keeping thing clean.

And I swapped my shamrocks ears for Goofy Viking hat. Brandon shook his head and me and walked away. LOL.

Will recap the whole evening tomorrow. Right now I should either go to sleep or drink some more. Muwahhaahahahahha.

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