Stranger and my House

First. The stranger.

I parked my car and walked to the bus like I do everyday. A few seconds later, my bus buddy pulled up in the parking lot behind the stop, getting dropped off by his wife. They stayed in the car.

A few minutes after that, a guy walked up to the stop. Quite unusual looking for a commuter bus rider, so I thought he may be there for the local bus. He was wearing sweatshirt, sweat pants, a baseball hat and flip flops. In his hand was a plastic bag with a can in it. He lit up a smoke as he said hi, how are you. The usual bus stop greeting. He REALLY looked like Chris Cooper in Adaptation. The mild mullet and no front teeth.

He asked me why I drove here to take the bus.


He thought it was funny that I drove to the bus stop. Well, I told him, this bus goes to Downtown LA and I’m not driving all the way to Downtown LA. Small bus stop talk. A little weird, but okay.

Besides, my bus buddy was right behind me. In the truck with his wife, but right behind me.

And then he said that he saw me parked my car and then walked here to the bus stop. So he got curious. and followed me here to ask why I drove to the bus stop.

I officially started to feel a little creeped out by that but my other bus buddy walked up. She drove to the bus stop too, I said. The dude proceeded with more small talk until our bus came up around the corner when he actually wished us a good day and wandered away.

It is going to be an interesting day.


Now, my House.

Thanks to Tivo, I watched the latest episode of HOUSE last night. At the end of the show, you get to see Dr. House actually smiling, those dreamy blue eyes twinkling with a little playfulness and self satisfaction. It’s my most favorite Dr. House’s expression. Ever!

So, Dr. Greg House and his twinkly eyes made a return visit to my dream, not as House but as Hugh Laurie. And this time we FINALLY made out. LOL. And no, it wasn’t quite as romantic as you think. It’s a very sweet ending to quite a bizarre dream.

Are you ready? I dreamed that I was wandering through a movie studio, trying to find my way out of the place. I ended up walking through a set on sound stage as a short cut. Upon entering the stage, I noticed David Bowie behind the soundboard, U2 bassist Adam Clayton at the grand piano off to the side, and Hugh Laurie pacing the stage under the lights.

(Contribution to this dream. The movie set was a scene from LOST I also watched last night. David Bowie is from Rude Cactus’ Ziggy Stardust reference. Adam Clayton, the news about Bono’s knighthood. At least, it wasn’t something completely whacked out subconscious.)

I skirted around the edge of the light behind Hugh to the other side, but Hugh noticed me. He asked if I could help them do a sound check. (Definitely from that man-on-the-street action I did the other day.)

He told me they needed a higher pitch voice to test the levels. The role was supposed to be for a little boy, but he wasn’t here yet. He said I have one line I have to sing at the end of each verse.

“Like ‘Putting on the Ritz’?” I asked. Hugh looked at my quizzically. “You know, Young Frankenstein?” I did the Frankenstein Monster moan, “PaaahhhtaaaanngaaaoonnnndaaaaaRiaaaaaa?”.

Oh yes, even in MY dream, in front of the every so dream Hugh Laurie, I just did that. Just like I would in real life. Sad, isn’t it?

Anyway. Pretty much. I just have to do one line. And, now seriously I don’t know where the fuck this comes from, but my line is “Blame it on the lobster.”

“Blame it on the lobster”? What the fuck!?!? Where did that come from???? What did I just say about my whacked out subconscious?

The song from an apparently well known musical in my dream world. I apparently know it by heart…even though my one line is to sing “Blame it on the lobster!” I did such a good job that David Bowie asked that I replaced the little boy they were going to use. They’re going to change the movie script for me.

David Bowie likes my style!!!! Wow. This dream is going somewhere good!

I was sent over to make up at the other side of the studio. Hugh came over to tell me how well I did and all that. In that studio chair, I raised up off the seat and kissed him on that scruffy cheek. A little shocked, he asked what was that for. I said, thank you for the opportunity.

He looked at me, with that twinkles in his eyes, and leaned in and kissed me, not quite on the cheek, more like the corner of my mouth. He lingered there a second. I turned toward him. We made eye contact. And….

We kissed.

And we couldn’t stop.

The bell rang, calling folks to be ready on the set. We finally broke away. Looking at each other a bit awkwardly, we both giggled.

He touched my cheek. “See you on the set, kid,” he said and smiled at me with those twinkly, dreamy blue eyes as he walked away.

The bell was still ringing…oh wait, it was my alarm clock beeping.

One of those dreams that feel so real, my lips were still all tingly when I woke up.


I [heart] Hugh Laurie.

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