Ode to My Amy

Last night was totally and utterly out of this world fun. Let me demonstrate by showing you the last picture of the evening…


It was a fan-fucking-tastic last hoorah I’ve thrown to date. Well, it helps when Celeste got our “Screw you guys! I’m outta here!” Amy this little concoction.


Yes, Amy did “walk the plank” and she walked it VERY well. And I’m not even going to tell you if this was taken before or after our little department walked the plank…


As much fun and debauchery we had last night, it doesn’t even come close to the amount of fun we’ve had the past 2 years in and out of the office with Amy.

There’s a LOT of stories in the past 2 years I have known Amy I don’t even know where to begin. I’m sure if you scour this blog up and down the block, you’ll find something Amy contributed.

This woman I originally dreaded wasn’t all that scary. Fuck, she wasn’t scary. Perioud! Seriously, I thought she’d be very professional and strict and all that she was going to be nice to me but make my life miserable in my first turn to the corporate-ish world.

As it turns out, she IS professional but other than that, goodness gracious, this woman is AMAZING! (No offense, the original ‘Mazing Amy!) Down to earth. Hilarious. And all in all awesome.

Amy actually has become like an older sister I always wanted. She was the first one in the office I told about my life on the blogosphere. I can go to her to talk about anything from bitching about the Big Boss to begging her to ask her husband for a recipe he made at their barbeque to just shooting the breeze…or discussing Clive Owen.

Well, heck, because I have 2 Amys on my speed dial, I called her up to share embarrassing stories or ask her totally inappropriate questions on accidents a few times, thinking I had dialed Amazing Amy, my Trojan sister. That makes for quite interesting conversation the next day in the office! (So…what was that about waxing? Doh!)

Pretty much our entire team was handpicked by Amy. Not only we turn out to be an excellent team and work AND play well together, we all have become an extended family that having her leaving the company is like having a sibling moving away.

What do you mean we’re not going to see you everyday, chatting with you about your weekend and the adventures you have with your family, throwing mini Snickers and Twix to you when you’re stressed out or yelling “Vice Presidents do NOT run through the office!” at you??

All of that aside, Amy is truly the glue of our little northwest corner. Our department actually leans on her and quite frankly, we revolve around her more than the Big Boss. (We were good at letting him think we revolved around him. Hehehehe…)

The day after tomorrow will be an entire different universe for us. Well, okay. I’ll give it a week before we really feel the sting of Amy being gone. For the next week, we are going to pretend Amy went on her annual vacation abroad with her lovely family…which she is doing.

The difference is that she’s not coming back to us afterward this time.

But after that? I don’t know how we’ll deal with the void in our office and in our hearts.

“Amy! I have a question!….Amy?…Amy?


I’m SOOOO going to cry tomorrow.

I KNOW you’re reading this. So, you’d better make damn sure you’d be around for me say goodbye to you when I leave, and in your own word, MISSY LOU!

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  1. Demi-boss   •  

    Damn you, damn you, damn you…lurkers do not cry!

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