Happy New Year!

It’s Songkran, y’all. Thai new year, marking the “entrance of the sun” and of course the beginning of a countrywide water fight.

Bust out your Super Soakers, suckers!!!
Oh, and buy some shirts while you’re at it. 🙂

Why do we splash each other? Well, let’s see…because in April is HOTTER THAN HELL in Thailand? How else would you cool down? ;-D

My theory on how the little clensing ritual turns into an aqua war is this:

It probably started with the fact that we rid ourselves of bad mojo with water. In the morning, you go to you parents and elders and “wash” them. Wash their hands, essentially. They give you a blessing. Then the temples would be washing their Buddha images too. Of course, with all that water flowing, you might as well throw it at each other. 🙂

Anyway. I’ve scaled down my celebration to just flicking some water at my coworkers. But hey, a little bit is better than nothing!

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